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Modifications include a removable side table, door, removable legs, and a curved arm to suspend a grate or dutch oven. Rods welded just under the lip support a grate, which has flip-up ends to allow wood feeding.

I also recently added a portable pizza oven, take a look.

A cast iron plate from a piece of heavy equipment was a perfect fit to make a Mongolian BBQ grill surface. After the surface was ground flat on a flywheel grinder, a four foot chimney with a damper was added. With a good fire the surface temperature on the grill reaches over 500 degrees. Needless to say, food cooks very rapidly! I have found that by moving the food around the chimney, a serving can be cooked in only a few minutes. Adding water each time the food is turned really adds to the flavor and keeps the food from drying out. On average I use about 20 oz of water per serving. Our camping cutting board is about four ft long x 18 inches wide. Works great as each person gets to pick out the ingredients they want for their dish.

With a hot fire and the damper open it sounds like a mini jet engine along with a plume of flame from the stack.

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