Ever gone camping and wanted to build a campfire, but there is no good place to build one? How about just enjoying a nice fire on your patio? (provided such things are allowed in your location). The metal tub from a washing machine makes a perfect firepit. It contains the ashes, allows combustion air to flow to the fire, and with the addition of a bbq grate can be used to cook great meals. Add some legs to get it up off the ground, a heat shield to deflect the heat radiating from the bottom and you have a firepit that can be used in a wide variety of situations.

I built a portable brick oven pizza oven using another washer tub for the oven chamber. Take a look here.

Check out the new section on an Indian style tandoori oven.

So, you might be wondering what cookerwars really means. Simply put, it's an informal competition among good friends as to who can modify or accessorize a washer tub to make it more functional as a portable fire pit.

Feel free to take a look around the site, and if you get inspired to build a cooker, send us some pics. Join in the fun! We'll give you your very own picture gallery.




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