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Here are some pics of an Indian style tandoori oven made from a flower pot and the outer tub from a washing machine.

The oven is fired with hardwood scraps to bring it up to temperature, then the food is placed in the oven on metal skewers. The outside of the meat quickly sears from the radiant heat, sealing in the juices.

The tub originally had a raised are in the center, which was flattened using the nearest available tool, a piece of pipe. This resulted in a mostly level bottom for the oven chamber.

The bottom of the tub is lined with a piece of metal cut from the side of the washing machine. Casters were added to make it somewhat portable.

There are a couple inches of sand in the tub, then a layer of fire brick cut to fit with an angle grinder, which was also used to cut the bottom off the pot. The flower pot is mortared to the firebrick with fireclay. A section of 2 x 4 inch square tubing is welded to the tub to provide combustion air. The surrounding space is filled with vermiculite masonry insulation to retain the heat.

After the initial firing, the pot developed several cracks, which allowed the insulation to leak into the oven. I wrapped the pot with chicken wire, and mortared it with regular cement. This strengthened the chamber and also added more thermal mass.

Eventually the top will be capped with a few inches of cement. I am still experimenting with the design, and figured that a permanent top would be very difficult to remove if modifications are needed.





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